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Mariposa is Spanish for butterfly. 


Many hope for recovery following tragedy and loss. With expectation that one's life will return to "normal" as in the past.

But grieving is a painful process and as the struggling chrysalis changes and becomes a new beautiful butterfly, must go forward transformed and renewed. So grief changes us. 

Books on Coping With Grief & Loss

We wishfully close our minds to the possibility of tragedy until we are confronted by it. Then, how we process it defines the rest of our lives.

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Books on Healthy Formation

Growing up can be painful, awkward...and a lot of fun, if it's done right. These books help you grow over time to emotionally-healthy adulthood.

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Dr. Nancy


Best-selling author, counselor and Oprah Winfrey Show guest Dr. Nancy O'Connor has seen countless people transform their lives through self-help.

The Healing Power of Great Books

Books have changed the world. Most importantly for you, books can transform you thinking, your habits, and your enjoyment of life.

Be a Healthy, Happy, Confident You.

Our books help you escape your grief, recover from loss, and live your life joyfully.


Self Help Books



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What is the purpose of La Mariposa Press?

La Mariposa Press exists as a counseling resource that provides self-help books. We are especially passionate about helping people walk through grief and loss and providing resources for healthy personal growth.

How can I learn from the butterfly?

La Mariposa is Spanish for “butterfly.” Life is full of change and unexpected events that come out of nowhere. These events are especially difficult to overcome when they mean grief and loss for us. When we experience a tragedy, we feel like we must recover and try to resume normalcy as quickly as possible. What we fail to realize is that there is no returning to what was once “normal.” We must find a new normal after tragedy and loss; there is no returning to the past.

But hope is not lost. There is beauty in this moving forward, and there is grace in the transformation that comes by engaging with grief. The caterpillar experiences a similar transformation. A caterpillar is tucked away in her chrysalis for a long while. When time has passed and a hidden change takes place, the bug struggles out of her cocoon. Finally she breaks free, but she is no longer a caterpillar. Through the passage of time and hard work on her part, the caterpillar has metamorphosed into a completely different yet breathtaking creature, the butterfly.


After this period of change, our caterpillar now can fly. Her wings are arrayed with beautiful colors and patterns, and she has been made into something new. Just like the butterfly, your experiences have made you into a new person. You can never go back to life before this transformation, but you can move forward in the beauty that is your life now.


Can La Mariposa Press help me?

La Mariposa Press exists to serve people who have experienced loss, grief, and who are looking for resources to foster healthy emotional formation, and we do this through our self-help books. Books and stories have shaped us throughout our lives, from a simple fable to complex histories of ancient civilizations. We believe that books can help people gain a new perspective on themselves and their situations while increasing their enjoyment of life. If you find yourself needing help maintaining your emotional health or want to learn about coping with difficult change, we are here to help you. Our selection of self-help books helps you understand yourself and your situation more clearly, which then allows you to move forward while nurturing the person you are becoming in the midst of your grief or confusion. Visit our bookstore to see what we have to offer.


How do I know if I need self-help books?

Self-help books can serve people in a variety of life stages. Many times, we don’t think about self-help books until we are in a crisis. Following a loss, a book can be a companion when you feel isolated and drowning in grief. We have a selection of books that can aid you in these difficult times. However, we believe that self-help books are also a great way to proactively care for yourself and your loved ones. At some point in your life, you will experience loss. Our self-help books prepare you for that grief. When the time comes, you will have a foundation for understanding how to move forward and transform into the new version of yourself after you have experienced unthinkable loss. We feel that everyone can benefit from self-help books. Whether you need immediate help learning how to carry on in grief, what it looks like to live a joyful, happy life, or even how to grow in a healthy way, our selection of self-help books can help you on your journey.


What topics do your self-help books cover?

The self-help books from La Mariposa Press address issues of loss, grief, balance, and how to live joyfully.


What kind of resources do you provide?

La Mariposa Press provides self-help books for people walking through loss, grief, and growth. Our author, Dr. Nancy O’Connor, Ph.D., engages at conferences and events to offer her self-help wisdom to people needing guidance in the most difficult circumstances. La Mariposa Press is glad to offer self-help books in both Spanish and English. We believe every community should have the resources necessary to understand how loss transforms one’s life, which is why we are proud to serve both Spanish-speaking and English-speaking communities. Visit our bookstore now to check out our selection.


Who is Dr. Nancy?

Dr. Nancy O’Connor, Ph.D. is a psychologist specializing in grief and loss. She has 25 years of clinical experience and has served in governmental agencies, schools, mental health agencies, police departments, Indian reservations, hospitals, funeral home directors' groups, hospices, widows’ groups, Compassionate Friends, MADD, and more. She has authored the self-help books on our site. Dr. Nancy was the director of the Grief and Loss Center in Tucson for 12 years. She has the experience to offer sound, professional advice coupled with the compassion and care necessary to address issues of loss, grief, and depression.


Can Dr. Nancy come speak at my event or conference?

Yes! Dr. Nancy loves sharing her wisdom with groups working through difficulty and seeking balance. Her years of working in self-help and her kind, winsome personality make her the perfect person to present at your event.


How can I receive my own copies of Dr. Nancy’s self-help books?

All of Dr. Nancy’s self-help books are for sale here on our site. Dr. Nancy is a wealth of information for those learning about the transformative process of loss. We are happy to provide you with self-help books that teach you about finding the beauty in the change that comes alongside grief. Visit our bookstore now.


Finding balance and working through difficult circumstances are never things that we would choose to do. In a perfect world, we would never have to deal with the difficult things of life. Unfortunately, this world is wrought with sadness and tragic situations. La Mariposa Press is here to provide you with the resources you need to not only survive hard times but to help you flourish as the person you are growing into. Like a butterfly, we want to see your life transform into a thing of beauty even after you walk the hard road of grief and growth.