Lottie's Lot

SKU: ISBN: 97809830642-1-3

“Lottie’s Lot is a thorough and engaging exploration of a family matriarch during a pivotal time in women’s history. The changing role of women is first revealed when a young girl defies her father and follows her heart to marry the man she loves. She would later defy social convention in a small prairie town to defend her daughter’s reputation.  Despite having to struggle constantly with poverty, terrible family tragedies, and being frequently uprooted, Lottie’s lot in life turns her into an admirable survivor who never loses her resolve to support and defend her large family."
-Nancy Buhannan, Librarian


"Lottie’s Lot is an emotionally jarring--page turning drama portraying the hard facts of child bearing and rearing as it relates to family challenges and the role of women’s rights or lack of them, in the late 1800’s and through American History to date.
This journey would be a good choice for reading by modern young women to educate themselves in a person to person understanding of the reality of how good life is today in this country. Lottie life is a perfect example of “tragedy and hope” for five generations of one family’s women, their suffering,  grieving, dreams, hopes and the nightmares of real life. I personally feel enriched by this knowledge. It’s an inspiring read."
-Diana Rey-McGrew